Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quarter Life

Things I have accomplished before I turn 25:

Graduate college

Buy and almost pay off a car

Climb Mt. Olympus

Master the art of reading while walking without getting seriously hurt

Start graduate school

Discover that the greatest comfort food of all is tri-colored pasta with fuzzy Parmesan cheese

Gain financial independence (mostly) from my parents

Killed a roach... by myself

Move away from home and know it will all be ok

Maintain the ability to fit eleven dimes in my belly button

Find something I'm passionate about

Run at least three miles consecutively

Find the love of my life

Cultivate a diverse cast of noises, voices, and characters with which to entertain myself and others

Lose and regain to ability to sleep and dream

Learn how to carve linoleum

Do something drastic with my hair

Visited two continents other than the one I inhabit

Learned to drink, appreciate, and abhor cheap beer

...amongst other things.


  1. Happy 25th! I love that you have fit 11 dimes into your belly button. Only you would try... :)

  2. YAY!!!! Congrats on all of those. Quite the accomplishments :)